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Xclusive Club Barbershop Reopens Proving to Be Essential For Bay Area Locals

Many things have proven to be essential in 2020, on the top of that list for many is now a clean place to get a great hair cut.

Located at 1821 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901 The Xclusive Club Barbershop lives up to its name the moment you walk in.

Greeted at the door by the welcoming and skilled barbers to a list of premium amenities which includes a stocked fridge of cold drinks, cool lighting, Art and custom tailored services to cater all your styling needs

"The name say's a lot." explains founder and CEO,Jay B Maya who is widely recognized in the personal care industry.

"Once you come into the Xclusive Club and you get the Xclusive treatment, the full service. Just sit down in one of our chairs of our heavy hitters like Leo. Crispy Alexander and you will get the exact same service at the same quality standard."

Listen to the full podcast here:


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