The basic principles of logo design

Although a logo might take up a limited amount of real estate on your client’s website, it still plays a key role in any online branding effort. Other than being an aesthetic visual that adds to the site’s overall appearance, a logo should reflect the essence of the company’s character. It will likely end up being used across all online and offline assets, from business cards to billboards (depending on your client), which is precisely why it’s such an important factor to get right.

While your speciality lies in web design, your clients may require you to design a logo for their site. Whether or not you have experience in this particular field, the same basic principles should be used in any logo design process. You can apply them to your favorite online logo generator, the Wix Logo Maker, or the many editing softwares available, if you’re creating one from scratch. Whichever path you choose, here are the 10 logo design principle