Road Trips Get an Upgrade

Combining the best of boutique hotel amenities and the convenience of car share. It’s practical lodging that gives you a taste of luxe van life and the freedom to go anywhere.

As the staycation trend shows no signs of slowing, the rise in domestic road trips and renting camper vans also continues. In response, innovators within the travel industry are launching clever ways to make road trips more seamless, easy and stylish.

One of these companies is US-based Cabana, which has designed a fleet of rentable camper van with interiors said to be “as good or better than” a hotel room.

Cabana has a 24/7 “counterless” check in process, meaning users simply walk up to the vans and unlock them with the Cabana app. Via the app, guests then select the “key” tab from the menu and press “unlock”. A physical key is available inside the van’s glove box.

Cabana also offers a concierge service at all times in case customers need help. Each van is fully serviced