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Restaurant Review: Sabor a Mexico Brings New Flavor to San Rafael

Newly opened Mexican restaurant Sabor a Mexico offers refreshing menu options amidst crowded Fourth Street competition.

Located on 1559 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901 this new Mexican eatery is buzzing with locals for their delicious menu options that include

Now open for outside dining or takeout offering appetizers like:

Molotes (2) $10.25

Corn based pastry, filled with queso fresco, sauteed with veggies. Perfectly fried. Topped with bronco-beans, salsa verde, queso fresco & sour cream.

Quesadilla $10.75 Direct from our Plancha. Flour tortilla, stuffed with melted cheese. Served with a fresh guacamole and pico. w/ meat or veggies +$2.50

Five Street Tacos $15.00 Five Mexican street tacos. Pick your style Taco, w/ onions fresh cilantro and salsa. Served with green onions and jalapeño peppers, grilled to perfection. Frijoles de la olla. *Finger licking good* w/ Shrimp or fish +$1.00/taco.

Personal favorites after four visits include:

- The Classic Burrito

- Tacos

- Sopa De Tortilla

- Primavera Salad

- Aguas Frescas

To see their full menu click here

The working staff is welcoming and nice, they go out of their way to provide the best sanitized experience for patrons. To have the best experience it is recommended to eat curbside if there is availability.

If you do order online, be patient as they are still working some details out. On one occasion that we ordered take out, a customer arrived to pick up his food only to be told he called the wrong place.

Not a good picture as you an imagine, but it all got figured out.

Let us know know how your experience went and what you ordered.


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