"Entrepreneurial You" BOOK SUMMARY

“Entrepreneurial You” is a book about how to create multiple income streams, written by Dorie Clark, a branding expert and marketing strategy consultant.

--The big idea: there’s not ONE path-- Looking around at her successful friends with multi-million dollar product launches, Dorie wanted to better understand what they were doing differently.

As a former journalist, she decided to interview them and distill their secret sauce. More than 50 interviews went into writing this book... And what she found was that there’s not “one path”. You can be a consultant or coach, write books, create online courses, develop a community and build affiliate income with great products, or host conferences. But the idea isn’t to pursue all of them.

Think of it more like a smorgasbord to pick and choose the ones more relevant to you. --Key Insight: you need at least 2 income streams-- These days, everyone should strive to have at least 2 income streams. This diversification gives you the flexibility to explore more options and be open to more and bigger opportunities. And what’s great is that each income stream can feed into each other to create a f