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Creating the outdoor space of your dream with New Image Construction

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We teamed up with leading outdoor living builder New Image Construction to showcase the transormation of a backyared to a complete oasis.

Launch a social marketing campaign to help increase brand awareness and grow your online business.

With over 4 billion people on the internet and 97% on one or all social platforms - having a great marketing plan to keep your audience engaged and growing is a top priority.

To do this we work with you to craft your unique social marketing strategy, help you find your brand tone, master your story and create original content.

This service includes the following:

- 30 minute initial phone call, FaceTime or meeting

- 3 month social marketing strategy

- Social media integration for up to 3 platforms (Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

- 15 professional & edited pictures

- 1 minute promotional video

- 30 second promotional video

- 15 second promotional videos (Reels)

- Custom hashtag campaign

- Featured on independent media platforms

- Distribution to preferred social channels


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