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From idea to Bay Area's Best Ice Cream

The overnight success of Lobos Ice Cream was actually years in the making. Founder, Elvio Colombana explains how he grew his brand one scoop at a time.

Lobos Ice cream is widely known across the Bay Area for serving what many are calling the "best mangonadas" they ever tried. This vegan friendly ice cream has rapidly become a fan favorite thanks to social media and it's delicious treats.

All natural ingredients. We literally stop up all night cutting mangos for the folks.

Lobos Ice Cream has won the hearts thousands through providing an extraordinary experience adding on to the already amazing experience of getting ice cream. Focused on customer satisfaction has allowed Lobos to grow from a local brand to now a global brand.

What's The Future

As mentioned in the video above, Lobos Ice Cream has turned his vision into a reality with a custom built ice cream truck. This new addition will only amplify the experience of Lobos Ice cream. You can find more about where they will be or order delivery at (#lobosicecream #bayareafood #lobonada) Lobos Ice cream now offers online orders.

Lobos Ice cream is continually growing and looking to to expand to wholesale. If you'd like sell Lobos Ice Cream at your store, business, or location – contact via website.

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