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Early Bitcoin & Crypto Investor Wins Big

Ricky Cucalon explains the importance of having a BIG vision and a roadmap to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Ricky Cucalon is a full-time entrepreneur in the Bay Area. If you follow him on Instagram you will see he is most likely traveling, in meetings and speaking to large crowds about Crypto Currency and Forex.

"You have to have a vision and roadmap to know where you're going? If you're serious about something you write it and go over it everyday."

His impact is now global with ATM Movement, a mobile service helping people across Latin America make money through their phones.

In this clip Ricky speaks about the struggle he faced when building ATM Movement, and how even was betrayed by his own family. With all this he persisted, until he the saw the results he wanted. He kept the vision. (#atmmovement #crypto #bitcoin) Happy investing.


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