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Business Highlight: Guatemalan Bakery Serving The Mission Since 1983 Proves to be Essentinal

Since 1983 Universal Bakery has been serving the resilient Central American Community of San Francisco with authentic Guatemalan food and culture.

It's early Saturday and the line to get in the bustling bakery is out the door spilling onto the concrete sidewalk of the Mission.

The smell as you can imagine is hypnotizing everyone in proximity with the desire to indulge in the endless savory treats available that include: Baked Fresh Bread, Hot Tamales, Fresh Brewed Coffee and much more..

Reccomened options include:

Pepian de Res $12.95

Guatemalan traditional beef stew. Comes with rice and black beans

Costilla de Res en Frijol Blanco $12.95

Steak ribs in white beans and rice

Pan con Todo $4.20

French roll, black beans, eggs, cheese and sour cream

Tamal $6.50

Tamale with black beans or sour cream

Currently only available for pick up orders, this authentic eatery provides many everyday workers the food they eat daily.

Next time in San Francisco order up from Universal Bakery.


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